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For my poll, if enough people want more choices for who Ash can switch with, then I will add more, so make sure to let me know if you want more choices. I have recently decided to go ahead and add the tie for my favorite pairing involving Ash, altoshipping, into this.

Hey everyone, I'm planning another fanfiction. It will be a while until I start on it, because I'm working on some art trades, but I figured I'd mention. My fanfiction will involve several video game and anime series, with several characters having switched bodies (the characters switched will be paired together). Ash from Pokemon will be in it, but the thing is, I don't know who to pair him with since I support so many pairings involving him. There are the five choices I've narrowed it down to, I'm letting you guys weigh in on it:

Misty (3 votes)
Having her Corsola with her (1 vote)
May (2 votes)
Having Torchic with her (1 vote)
Having Glacion with her (1 vote)
Dawn (5 votes)
Iris (2 votes)
Serena (7 votes)
Latias (1 vote)

They will have one Pokemon with them. If Dawn is chosen, it will be Piplup, and if Iris is chosen, it will be Axew, but when it comes to Misty and May, you guys can pick if you want, and as for Serena, it depends on how she is; if she travels with a Pokemon usually being outside the Poke Ball, that one will be chosen, but if not, you guys can choose. I'll leave this up here up until I actually get the fanfiction started, which will be sometime next year. I will update the list each week if able to show how many votes each person has, unless there have been no changes. Also, if you want another pairing in, talk to me about it, and I may put it in.

The pairings in so far:
MarioxPeach (Mario)
NarutoxHinata (Naruto)
LelouchxKallen (Code Geass)
CloudxTifa (Final Fantasy)
TidusxYuna (Final Fantasy)
SoraxKairi (Kingdom Hearts)
Toon LinkxTetra/Toon Zelda (Legend of Zelda)
WesxRui (Pokemon)
JetxVirginia (Wild Arms)
SonicxBlaze (Sonic the Hedgehog)
FoxxKrystal (Star Fox)
LaharlxFlonne (Disgaea)
AdellxRozalin (Disgaea)
GohanxVidel (Dragon Ball Z)
RanmaxAkane (Ranma 1/2)
InuyashaxKagome (Inuyasha)
MirokuxSango (Inuyasha)
JadenxAlexis (Yu-gi-oh GX)
RyuxChun-Li (Street Fighter)
ChromxSumia (Fire Emblem)
PitxPalutena (Kid Icarus)

I also want to do one with an older Link, but I'm stuck on which one, and who to swap him with. I'm listening to suggestions. You can send the votes/suggestions to this journal as comments, to me as notes, or on my profile page.

Just to make sure it's clear to everyone, this these three being on here aren't the only choices, I just didn't put all the others up due to how many there are. Any Link, and any girl from that Link's time period can be used. I just realized a plot point in the story makes it so Midna's body can't be in imp form

TP LinkxMidna (4 votes)
TP LinkxIlia (2 votes)

I'll now be using the male player character from Fire Emblem Awakening, who will be an Avatar of myself, but I'll let you guys decide who I switch with.

Tharja (2 votes)
Lucina (2 votes)
Lissa (1 vote)

If anybody at any time wishes to change their vote, they may do so.
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